You can take all clothes on your hook and be professionally consulted about them.


Our customer

» Stand out without being obtrusive «

Our customer loves feminine, colourful and decorative fashion.

Our well-matched outfits with their matter-of-course combination will give you confidence and a good appearance.

We represent successful women who have joy in life and are looking for the fashion that matches them.


– Joy in combination –

» The freedom of mixing everything within one collection. «

There are different colour themes within one collection that are harmoniously coordinated with each other.

The unique BASSET style can be combined even across several seasons.

Timeless fashion of everyday use and events.

quality claim

» For all women who know what they want. «

Our fashion expresses joy in life and is to make our customers smile long after their purchase.
With selected fabrics and in cooperation with conscientious producers from Europe, we produce a product that you will have joy in for a long time.

– Value & Sustainability –


– Uniqueness –

» Our fashion has always been aligned with giving women a piece of uniqueness. «