You can take all clothes on your hook and be professionally consulted about them.



Would you like to combine? Choose whatever you like from our current collection within a harmony set. Everything can be combined - even beyond several seasons - and is ideally coordinated with each other.


The feminine fashion line is charming with great love for detail every single season. Some of our garments are also equipped with subtle smart functions, such as turning jackets, skirts or elements that are buttoned on.


Colour expresses joy. Allow yourself a brief break and immerse yourself in a play of gentle colours and floral patterns that enchant your senses. Dare show colour. Stand out without being obtrusive.


Sustainable clothing from high-value fabrics, skin-friendly fibres or real leather. The HighendFashion by BASSET is designed for a long service life. The natural fabrics and materials are also very friendly to changes.